Pease's at BUNN Gourmet History
Generations of Quality
When Jacob Bunn came to Springfield, IL in 1840, he most likely didn't realize the legacy he would create. Opening one of Springfield's first retail grocery stores at the corner of Fifth and Adams, Bunn focused on quality, always sourcing the finest products available. With Abe Lincoln as their legal counsel and friend, Jacob and his brother John built a successful business legacy that has thrived to this day.

Many businesses followed that original corner grocery store including Bunn Chocolate Manufacturing, Illinois Watch Company, Sangamo Electric, Bunn Capitol Food Distributors and Bunn-O-Matic®.

While the Bunn family was building their legacy, Martin A. Pease, Sr. was busy founding a quality candy company that would span five generations.

The business moved from Bloomington to Springfield in the 1930's. Today, the fine candies and gourmet nuts are still made using the original recipes.

Now these two heritage brands come together under one roof, Pease's at BUNN Gourmet™. Located at The Gables in Springfield, the venue offers locally sourced selections including the finest quality confections from Pease's, fresh quiche from Incredibly Delicious, locally raised USDA Prime and Choice beef from the Bunn Family Quarter B Farm and a wide variety of interesting beverages.

The legacy of quality continues with a heritage that has truly been Local Since Lincoln®.